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Haitian Coffee History

Haitian coffee, famous for its rich taste and various aromas, has been a staple of Haiti since its colonization by France in the 17th century. With some of the world's best Arabica Typica plants growing on its highest mountains, Haiti was responsible for half of the world's supply of coffee in the late 1700's.

Hurt by natural disasters, U.S. led embargoes and political unrest, the Haitian coffee production decreased largely in volume. That's when Brazil moved in and took control of the world coffee market.

Today, Haitian coffee is making a comeback on the global market as one of the finest coffee in the Caribbean, if not "THE" finest.

Haitian Coffee

Haitian Coffee Break

Enjoying Haitian Coffee

June 10, 2015

Being a coffee connoisseur is becoming as serious and respected a label as that of wine sommelier. Coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. With hundreds of origins and flavors of coffee to choose from, it’s helpful to know a little more about our specialty coffees, in order to fully appreciate them. The distinct flavors, highlights and accents of the vast array of specialty coffees are more fully present when carefully paired with the foods which complement them. Haitian coffee is particularly suited to be enjoyed this way.  In general, coffee can be classified into three main categories of light, medium and dark , with light being paired well with sweet fruits and hard cheese. Medium-bodied coffees are best...

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