Enjoying Haitian Coffee

Being a coffee connoisseur is becoming as serious and respected a label as that of wine sommelier. Coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. With hundreds of origins and flavors of coffee to choose from, it’s helpful to know a little more about our specialty coffees, in order to fully appreciate them.

The distinct flavors, highlights and accents of the vast array of specialty coffees are more fully present when carefully paired with the foods which complement them. Haitian coffee is particularly suited to be enjoyed this way. 

In general, coffee can be classified into three main categories of light, medium and dark , with light being paired well with sweet fruits and hard cheese. Medium-bodied coffees are best combined with a wide range of light foods like poultry and pastries, while dark pairs the best with heavier, richer fare, like spicy foods and dark chocolate. 

Haitian coffee gets its distinct flavor from the climate in which it is grown, as well as from the farming methods used in the country. Since Haiti has numerous micro-climates with varied geographical landscapes and altitudes, various strains of coffee are able to thrive there –– from the full-bodied, low-acidity coffees that take on the flavor of nuts and dark chocolate, to the light-bodied, higher-acidity coffees, with their sweet, fruity flavor.

The distinct characteristics of Haitian coffee are usually described as rich and medium-bodied, while being smooth, soft and sweet.

So, how do you make the most of this flavor?

Luckily, these characteristics make Haitian coffee one of the more versatile specialty coffees available. If you like to drink coffee with savory dishes, Haitian coffee can best be enjoyed with poultry, fish, and lightly seasoned vegetables.

To enjoy it with a sweet dish, it is best paired with berries and stone fruits, or even better, pastries baked with stone fruit. What sounds better than Haitian coffee with a good peach cobbler? In fact, most pastries will complement this coffee very well. Its rich undertones also make it pair well with nuts and mild cheeses, making it one of the perfect coffees for any tea time treat. 

Another great thing to know about typical Haitian coffee is that it is mostly grown without the use of chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers, with the label of Strictly High-Grown Washed being the highest quality Haitian coffee exported.

Jean Rene Faustin
Jean Rene Faustin




December 02, 2015

where do I get your whole bean coffee


July 02, 2015

Je n’ai qu’a presenter mes plus vives felicitations a toute l’equipe qui a pu faire de ce projet un succes colossal

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