The Best Coffee in The World

Ask a Colombian what is the greatest coffee in the world. He'll tell you "¡el cafe de Colombia compi!" Now, ask a Haitian the same question. He'll have the same answer, but he'll also insist that you try Haitian coffee and decide for yourself.

Every coffee producing nation take pride in their coffee, but no nation is prouder about their coffee than Haitians.

The name "Kafe Pa Nou" meaning "Our Coffee", and also "Our Favorite Coffee", stems from this pride that haitians have towards their coffee.

We strongly stand by the belief that Haitian farmers grow the best coffee in the world, but we won't force it onto you. Instead, we'll invite you to try our coffee. After all, coffee is one of these things that you should "Have it Your Way". There are so many ways to brew and spice up your coffee, that the resulting number of taste is infinite. Some people prefer the French press over the Ibrik, or the Regular Drip. We haitians have an affinity for the Stove Top Espresso.

As a haitian company, we strive to reflect the true nature of the Haitian People: Hospitable, Authentic and Warm.

Shanik Nouban - Haitian Peasant
Photo by Shanik Nouban

So when we say "we'll invite you to try our coffee", we mean that we'll send you some of our coffee free of charge if you've never tried it. Just send us a kind email at with your name, address, a few words about yourself, and your very own share of haitian coffee will be on its way.

As a haitian, I'll proudly say it again and again: We have some of the finest strains of coffee in the world. But don't take my word for it. Find your best coffee in the world, and own it.

Fabien Dodard
Fabien Dodard


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March 18, 2013

You’re right in that every country will say they have the best coffee. Plus it does come down to personal preference. However in all honesty, there is one coffee region in the world that can say they produce the best coffee beans. That is Panama. They won the coffee of the year award in 2003, no cupping in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and I believe was in the top three after that. As a matter of fact, the 2003 contest changed the way the SCAA ran the contest because Panama coffee took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th out of 100+ entrants. After the 2005-2007 run the SCAA changed it again to where only one coffee from a country could advance to the final cupping. I understand their point of view, they are there to promote coffee, all coffee and if one country keeps out cupping the rest it won’t be good for all involved. I believe the SCAE (Europeans) awarded Hacienda Esmeralda of Panama Hall of Fame honors due to their geisha bean coffee which pushed wholesale prices over $100/lb. Having tried a few lbs myself I can say it is the best I’ve ever had. However, my pocketbook can’t afford it. I was fortunate that my sister sells coffee from Panama and purchased 300 lbs a couple years ago.

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