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Latte Art is one of those things that always amazes me. It's ART in COFFEE!! with milk… as a Paintbrush! Anyway, if you are as amazed as I am about Latte Art, here's Refinery 29's guide on how to create a heart in your Latte:

1 shot espresso
4-5 oz whole milk

1. Steam the milk until it's thick and creamy, with not too much foam.
2. Pour espresso into a coffee cup, keeping it slightly to one side.
3. Sword the milk (swirl/spin) in the pitcher until the milk surface shines.
4. Pour the steamed milk in the center of the espresso slowly at first, then increase speed.
6. When the milk is halfway gone, keep pouring, but gently move the pitcher right-left to facilitate the foam-pour.
7. When the milk is almost gone, and the “apple” shape appears, reduce the pouring speed and move the pitcher over and across the surface. The small, remaining trail of foam will pull a line through the center of the apple, creating a heart shape!

And Here is some Visual Aid that will help you out:

The First Pour

The Apple Shape

The Final Touch

The Result

Photo: Courtesy of illy Coffee

Fabien Dodard
Fabien Dodard


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