Who We Are

The idea of making Haitian Coffee widely available in the United States started…well…with Haitian Coffee. It was in December 2012, while sipping on a delicious cup from the mountains of Beaumont that one of our founders, Fabien Dodard, saw real potential in his native coffee. Making it accessible through an online store was a no brainer. "I wanted to enable people to get their hands on this special strain of coffee, no matter where they are located in the U.S… and the online store allows us to do just that" says Fabien. Without hesitation he pitched the idea to his friend Jean René Faustin and his brother Jean Sebastien Dodard. They all jumped on board and co-founded KafePaNou.com.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support to the Haitian farmer and the Haitian economy by creating a higher demand for Haitian coffee in the U.S. We are driven by the simple truth that we can all positively affect the lives of people and support a country's economy simply by drinking its coffee. For us, promoting one of our greatest national products is more than a business opportunity. It is a duty.

Haiti Direct Trade Coffee

All of our coffee is classified as Direct Trade. Essentially that means that the roaster works directly with the farmer to increase the quality and value of the coffee. This model guarantees the social sustainability of the farmer, the economic growth of the farm, and encourages environmental sustainability and community development. In short, Direct Trade ensures a better quality coffee than Fair Trade, and has a real economic and social impact on the coffee growing communities. You can learn more about the sociological breakdown of Direct Trade coffee here.