At Kafe Pa Nou, a large part of what we do is based on our ability to help those in need of our assistance.  With that in mind, we are pleased to offer Kafe Pa Nou’s delicious Haitian coffee to schools, churches and other non-profit organizations as an excellent fundraising opportunity.  Coffee is an excellent fundraising alternative to candy, cookies and other unwanted items that typically are the top choices when it comes to fundraising.  Our process is easy to implement and generates profitable results. 

Part of Kafe Pa Nou’s goal for making delicious Haitian coffee available in the United States is to create more awareness of Haitian coffee and their economy.  Because our coffee is classified as Direct Trade, two things happen: 1) we offer a higher quality and value of coffee beans, and, most importantly, 2) we represent the interests of the Haitian coffee farmers. 

If you are interested in buying coffee in bulk, send us an email at or call us 305-953-3344 to get the wholesale rates.  Simply provide your name, organization, phone and email.  We will promptly get back with you to discuss the details.